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Managing Member at The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C.

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Aaron Schlossberg is committed to providing his clients with the highly effective results that they need. He serves individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners throughout all boroughs and other counties in New York as well as appellate state courts and federal courts, including Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York. Aaron Schlossberg also serves clients in New Jersey and abroad.

Aaron Schlossberg’s approach has always involved creating advantages for his clients through the utilization of detailed knowledge of the law, extensive trial experience, and a creative approach to dispute resolution. By excelling in these three areas — knowledge, experience, and creativity — Aaron Schlossberg is often able to resolve even the most complex disputes.

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Mr. Schlossberg represents and advises companies and individuals in complex commercial matters. These matters involve breach of contract, unfair competition, non-competition and non-solicitation provisions, trademarks and copyrights, employment and partnership disputes, negligence, and fraud. Additionally, Mr. Schlossberg handles a wide array of insurance coverage analysis and litigation. Mr. Schlossberg also handles commercial and residential real estate matters and risk management.

Recent News

Aaron Schlossberg
August 20, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg Discusses Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Litigation Attorney

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg discusses why your business needs a commercial litigation attorney. NEW YORK, NY / AUGUST 21, 2020 / A major legal dispute can destroy your company’s financial health. However, a commercial litigation attorney can be the difference between your company losing substantial amounts of time and money or continuing as close to normal […]

Aaron Schlossberg
July 28, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney Discusses What Could Happen for Landlords and Tenants When the Current Eviction Ban Ends

Aaron Schlossberg attorney discusses what could happen for landlords and tenants when the current eviction ban ends. NEW YORK, NY / JULY 28, 2020 / The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of New Yorkers unable to pay rent. Currently, the city has put in place a moratorium stating that many New Yorkers can not be […]

Aaron Schlossberg
June 23, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg Explains Why You Might Need a Lawyer to Review Your Commercial Lease

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explains why it might be necessary to have a qualified lawyer review your commercial lease. NEW YORK, NY / JUNE 23, 2020 / A commercial lease is a binding contractual agreement between a landlord and a business owner. It clearly states the terms and conditions of the rental agreement for both parties. […]

Aaron Schlossberg
June 12, 2020

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Discusses Common Landlord Tenant Issues and How They Can Be Resolved Peacefully

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg discusses common landlord tenant disputes and peaceful resolutions. NEW YORK, NY / JUNE 12 , 2020 / Landlord tenant relationships can be complicated. Each party is looking out for his best interest, and that can result in difficulties or confrontations. However, a smooth landlord tenant relationship isn’t impossible to achieve. Attorney Aaron […]

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