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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg: Landlord Contract Ambiguities Can Be Very Challenging to Resolve

Landlord contracts should protect both the tenant and the property owner. However, ambiguities in contract language can be confusing and may require the help of a legal professional to manage. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg has worked in such cases before and has guidelines that help manage this complicated situation. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Defines a Few Common Landlord Contract Ambiguities Aaron […]

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg

Contract Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Explores Tenant Issues with COVID-19

Aaron Schlossberg Covers Potential Landlord-Tenant Issues During the Pandemic Across The US As COVID-19 continues to create economic disruption, many people are losing their jobs. The ability to pay rent is significantly compromised, leaving people unable to meet their monthly financial obligations. Aaron Schlossberg explores the different tenant and landlord issues that arise as more people experience […]