Aaron Schlossberg Attorney Discusses What Could Happen for Landlords and Tenants When the Current Eviction Ban Ends

Aaron Schlossberg

July 28, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg attorney discusses what could happen for landlords and tenants when the current eviction ban ends.

NEW YORK, NY / JULY 28, 2020 / The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of New Yorkers unable to pay rent. Currently, the city has put in place a moratorium stating that many New Yorkers can not be evicted from their homes if they fail to pay rent. The moratorium, which was set in place until June 20, was recently extended to Aug. 20. However, avoiding the payment of rent now doesn’t mean New Yorkers won’t have to pay it when the moratorium eventually ends. Aaron Schlossberg attorney and expert in landlord tenant issues recently discussed what could happen for landlords and tenants when the current eviction ban comes to a close.

Aaron Schlossberg attorney¬†explained that tenants will likely be responsible for the back rent they haven’t paid when the moratorium is lifted. For many, he says, this could be up to or exceeding $10,000. Aaron Schlossberg attorney added that this could be disastrous for tenants, and eventually result in the massive amount of evictions the moratorium was put in place to avoid.

Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that the current eviction ban could lead to some serious financial issues for landlords too. The moratorium has allowed tenants to avoid paying rent without eviction for several months; however, that doesn’t mean landlords aren’t required to pay their mortgages. Aaron Schlossberg attorney expressed that unpaid mortgages lead to foreclosures and a number of other economic downturns.

Housing experts like Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that the inability to pay back rent due to a lack of work during the coronavirus and surmounting rent debt could result in a major rise in homelessness among renters as well. Aaron Schlossberg attorney stated that city officials and activists are fighting for affordable and safe housing for people most vulnerable during this pandemic in the coming months, which will leave many of them in serious debt, even when able to return to work.

While nobody knows what exactly will happen when the moratorium comes to an end in late August, many are suspecting it could be catastrophic for renters and landlords alike. At the moment, some crisis executives believe the only answer is for the government to step in and provide financial aid. Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that this option could help relieve tenants of at least a portion of the back pay they owe, without harming the people who own these homes and need to collect rent as well.

Aaron Schlossberg attorney stated that he expects to see a number of landlord tenant issues arise following the lifting of the moratorium. He is available to help landlords and tenants understand their rights and receive the financial guidance they need.

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