Aaron Schlossberg Discusses Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Litigation Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg

August 20, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg discusses why your business needs a commercial litigation attorney.

NEW YORK, NY / AUGUST 21, 2020 / A major legal dispute can destroy your company’s financial health. However, a commercial litigation attorney can be the difference between your company losing substantial amounts of time and money or continuing as close to normal as possible. Aaron Schlossberg, member of the New York State Bar Association, recently discussed how your business can benefit from having an experienced commercial litigation lawyer on your side.

“Some companies may view a commercial litigation attorney as an unnecessary expense,” Attorney Aaron Schlossberg. “But when the time comes that you need that attorney, his or her services could be the difference between your business staying afloat or shutting down.”

Aaron Schlossberg explained that a commercial litigation attorney can help settle issues through mediation and negotiations without involving the entire court system. This can eliminate the often exorbitant cost and time consumption associated with a lawsuit.

“Hiring a commercial litigation attorney is something you likel  y want to do before the need becomes imminent,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “Hire the attorney before a lawsuit presents itself, and the lawsuit may be prevented entirely.”

Aaron Schlossberg explained that a commercial litigation attorney can tackle the issue at hand the first time around. Many businesses hire litigation attorneys once a lawsuit has been initiated, forcing the attorney to backtrack, which ultimately costs more time and money. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg added that a commercial litigation attorney can make the litigation process move as efficiently as possible. In the world of legal matters, time is money, and the goal of a commercial litigation attorney is to save you both.

“Having a good commercial litigation attorney on your side means your company can always be prepared,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “Not all issues can be solved outside of court, so when litigation is pursued by the opposing party, your commercial litigation attorney is already prepared to go to trial.”

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explained that being prepared for lawsuits and other legal issues can protect your corporation or company while putting your mind at ease. Having a qualified attorney available to handle your legal issues means you can enjoy more peace of mind and focus on your business’ success.

“Most successful business owners are just that. They’re business people,” Aaron Schlossberg said. “They don’t have the time or energy to invest in potential lawsuits or litigation. Qualified commercial litigation attorneys allow business people to continue focusing on their expertise while the attorneys focus on theirs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Aaron Schlossberg is an attorney with expertise in commercial litigation, including solving disputes pre-litigation. He currently serves clients throughout the State of New York and in New Jersey and abroad.

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