About Me

Mr. Schlossberg develops and executes strategy and drafts pleadings. Moreover, Mr. Schlossberg conducts significant document review and discovery, interviews and prepares witnesses, and conducts and defends depositions regularly. Also, Mr. Schlossberg drafts and argues state and federal trial and appellate court briefs, engages in arbitration, mediates/negotiates dispute resolution. Further, Mr. Schlossberg reviews, negotiates and drafts corporate contracts and commercial and residential leases.


The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C. which was founded by Mr. Schlossberg, conducts work in the following practice areas: business law, pre-litigation dispute resolution, outside counsel and insurance law. Within its business law practice area, Mr. Schlossberg and the firm specifically deal with matters pertaining to commercial litigation, contract disputes, partnership & shareholder disputes, talent/entertainment agreements, construction/development disputes, and commercial & residential real estate contracts. Mr. Schlossberg practices extensively in these areas of law and is able to achieve successful results by utilizing his extensive experience, skill and knowledge in complex areas of law. He is passionate in the representation of his clients. That passion often leads to his examination and development of approaches that help win cases that other attorneys may not have considered.