Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Discusses Common Landlord Tenant Issues and How They Can Be Resolved Peacefully

Aaron Schlossberg

June 12, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg discusses common landlord tenant disputes and peaceful resolutions.

NEW YORK, NY / JUNE 12 , 2020 / Landlord tenant relationships can be complicated. Each party is looking out for his best interest, and that can result in difficulties or confrontations. However, a smooth landlord tenant relationship isn’t impossible to achieve. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg, a legal  expert with substantial experience with landlord tenant issues, explains common differences between the two parties and how they can be resolved peacefully.

“As with most relationships, the landlord tenant relationship operates more peacefully when both parties communicate well,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “Landlords and tenants can be straightforward with each other about any concerns, and they can communicate as soon as the issue arises.”

Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg

“A quality residential lease, drafted by an attorney, can layout expectations for cleanliness, repairs, and more,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “Once everything is laid out on paper, landlords and tenants can simply refer to the lease to see who may be responsible for cleaning up a mess, making repairs, or performing other actions.”

Aaron Schlossberg describes that pets can be another issue that can create disputes between tenants and landlords. However, he explains that any issues regarding pets can also be stated in the binding tenant landlord contract. Landlords have the right to decide if pets will be allowed on their property, and it can be important for landlords to clearly describe their pet policies to a lawyer when drafting the residential lease.

“Landlords and tenants also often have issues regarding changes to a property,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “For instance, a tenant may paint a room a different color without asking the landlord.”

Aaron Schlossberg explains the best way to resolve issues like this can be to communicate openly. The tenant might ask the landlord before making any changes to the property. Similarly, the landlord can express policies regarding such changes in the lease agreement. Many times, a landlord will state that a tenant may make changes, but the home must be returned to its original state before the tenant moves.

“Not every landlord has the same policies, and that’s why it can be so important to set them in stone,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “While it’s important that a landlord create a clear and informative contract, it also might be important that tenants review contracts thoroughly. As attorneys, we’re here to help landlords create lease agreements, and we’re here to help tenants understand them fully too.”

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