Aaron Schlossberg Explains Why You Might Need a Lawyer to Review Your Commercial Lease

Aaron Schlossberg

June 23, 2020

Aaron Schlossberg

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explains why it might be necessary to have a qualified lawyer review your commercial lease.

NEW YORK, NY / JUNE 23, 2020 / A commercial lease is a binding contractual agreement between a landlord and a business owner. It clearly states the terms and conditions of the rental agreement for both parties. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explains why commercial property owners will likely find it in their best interest to have a qualified lawyer review their commercial lease. He adds that commercial property tenants likely should also review the commercial lease with a qualified lawyer.

Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg

“It’s understandable that commercial property owners want to save some cash, but the development of a quality commercial lease is not the place to do it,” Aaron Schlossberg says.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg, who has worked to resolve commercial landlord-tenant issues for years, explains that many of the disputes he sees could have been settled had the lease been drawn up professionally.

“The need to use a lawyer is important for both parties,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “The lawyer can assist the landlord in creating a thorough lease, while the tenant can benefit from fully understanding the lease before signing.”

Aaron Schlossberg explains that a qualified lawyer will draft, review, and edit a commercial lease for you. Your lawyer will also be aware of commercial lease regulations in your state, so you’ll save time researching laws that are often understood through years of legal experience. It can be difficult for everyday property owners to understand the complexity of such regulations. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explains that commercial properties can be far more complex than residential ones, with issues like waste removal (even hazardous waste), employee safety, security, and a number of other issues coming into play.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg explains that tenants can benefit greatly from hiring a lawyer to review the lease as well. This is because it’s often essential to read and understand every word of the lease, and many times, these leases include an abundance of legal jargon. A qualified lawyer, like Aaron Schlossberg, can do this time-consuming work for you and explain the ins and outs of the lease in layman’s terms.


“So many issues can arise for commercial property tenants,” Aaron Schlossberg says. “Simply hiring a lawyer can prove to your landlord that you won’t be pushed around.”

Aaron Schlossberg explains that tenants often need to understand certain commercial property issues, such as what will happen if the landlord rents the space next door to a competing company. Or, if the business is for sale, what will happen to the rental agreement in the event of its sale.

“Commercial leases are often created to last three to five years,” attorney Aaron Schlossberg says. “The length of the contract alone means it’s something that likely should be thoroughly understood because a lot of issues can arise in five years of commercial property ownership or rental.”

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