Contract Attorney Aaron Schlossberg Explores Tenant Issues with COVID-19

Aaron Schlossberg

April 22, 2020

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg Covers Potential Landlord-Tenant Issues During the Pandemic Across The US

As COVID-19 continues to create economic disruption, many people are losing their jobs. The ability to pay rent is significantly compromised, leaving people unable to meet their monthly financial obligations. Aaron Schlossberg explores the different tenant and landlord issues that arise as more people experience financial distress.

Aaron Schlossberg AttorneyAs a contract attorney, Aaron Schlossberg focuses heavily on dispute resolution. Aaron Schlossberg represents clients throughout New York, particularly as it pertains to the landlord-tenant relationship. There are both tenant and landlord rights. However, as the pandemic sweeps the nation, there are some unique situations that apply.

With so many people being unable to pay rent, communication is critical. Aaron Schlossberg believes that it’s the responsibility of both the landlord and the tenant to communicate issues as it relates to COVID-19. If a tenant is unable to pay rent, that needs to be communicated to the landlord prior to rent being due. If the landlord is planning to offer some kind of financial relief, that needs to be communicated to the tenant.

Aaron Schlossberg Discusses the Large Number of Layoffs Occurring:

The government is already aware that the large number of layoffs will result in people being unable to pay bills. While they’re creating a stimulus bill, they’re also asking utility companies, landlords, and others to provide financial assistance when possible. This is leaving many companies to offer either a free month of rent or utilities or the ability to push the payment for 30 to 60 days.

In past situations, the inability to pay rent led to the eviction of a tenant. This cannot be the only solution during the pandemic due to the large number of people who are affected. Aaron Schlossberg is quick to point out that it’s not a single landlord who is being affected. Tenants across the country are wondering how they’re going to pay rent. As such, dispute resolution needs to play a role. Aaron Schlossberg is also suggesting that both landlords and tenants look at the situation that’s happening. It’s not easy for anyone during this time and those who are more lenient when dealing with the situation will be able to manage it in a more stress-free way.

What Should Tenants & Landlords Do? Aaron Schlossberg Explains:

Tenants may have difficulties. Landlords cannot take the standard approaches because of the pandemic. Landlords who are experiencing financial downfalls need to communicate to the different channels within their state. Similarly, tenants need to identify financial assistance that they require to both their landlords and to the state. It may be necessary to apply for grants, unemployment, and other financial assistance as applicable.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg continues to practice business and commercial law, with offices in New York. He is available to schedule consultations when there are disputes that are arising due to COVID-19.


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